Wakulla Springs Report : Largest And Deepest Freshwater Springs Essay

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Wakulla Springs Report Wakulla springs is the home of one of the largest and deepest freshwater springs in the world and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is designated as a National Natural Landmark. Wakulla Springs is located 14 miles (23 km) south of Tallahassee, Florida and 5 miles (8.0 km) east of Crawfordville in Wakulla County, Florida at the crossroads of State Road 61 and State Road 267. Wakulla Springs is classified as a first magnitude spring and is a major exposure point for the Floridian Aquifer. The spring forms the Wakulla River and flows 9 miles to the southeast where it joins the St. Mark 's River. After a short 5 miles, the St. Mark 's empties into the Gulf of Mexico at Apalachee Bay. Sarah smith reported the first ancient fossil of an ancient mastodon at the bottom of the cave. Scientists have identified the remains of at least nine other extinct mammals that date to the last glacial period, deposited as far as 1,200 feet back into a cave. The aquifer can date back to as long as 36 million years ago, but the Wakulla Springs lodge was built in 1943 by financer Edward Ball. The springs has an abundance of species that call Wakulla springs their home, animals that includes alligators, turtles, deer, river otters, and a variety and land and water birds. There are many activities that take place at Wakulla Springs, such as Swimming, going on boat rides around the spring and even going picnicking. Wakulla springs has been
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