Wal Mart, 2015, 2014

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To: Mr Wallace Stettinius
From: Paridhi Raina
Date: October 8, 2015

This case is an overall analysis of research and strategy making in one of the biggest retail stores in US: Wal-Mart. It’s mission statement says it all:
“We save people money so that they can live better.”
Wal-Mart embraced different ideas and strategies to face the competition and sustain in the market. It came into existence in 1980s when it started deploying technology by using Internal data interchange to communicate internally and externally. In 1990s, it came up with online store where they pushed their online sales in belligerent manner. However, in 2015, it came across with “next generation technology of radio frequency identification” which turned out to be expensive yet had a hope of higher-level tracking with positive response. It was awarded as the “most admired company in U.S in 2003” by Fortune despite of its weak international status. They lacked in their evaluation benchmark. No supplier was recruited who could supervise the employees taking into consideration the policies of Wal-Mart. It went global covering many countries in Europe, North and South America and China. They faced complications initially in Germany and Japan due to various factors like cultural differences and government policies but somehow managed to earn $2 billion in operating profit with the net sales increment at the rate of 16.6% which was a good move.
There were however internal and external…

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