Essay about Wal-Mart 5 Year Marketing Plan

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Five-Year Strategic Marketing Plan Wal-Mart Inc. A Marketing Plan Presented By: Justin Ravari Table of Contents Page 1. Company Description 1 2. Strategic Focus and Plan 2 Mission 2 Goals 2 Competitive Advantage 2 3. Situation Analysis 4 SWOT Analysis 4 Industry Analysis 6 Competitor Analysis 6 Company Analysis 7 Customer Analysis 7 4. Market-Product Focus 8 Marketing and Product Objectives 8 Target Markets 8 Points of Difference 9 Positioning 9 5. Marketing Program 9 Product Strategy 9 Price Strategy 10 Promotion Strategy 10 Place Strategy 11 6. Financial Data and Projections 11 Past Sales Revenues 11 Five-Year…show more content…
Wal-Mart plans to work closer with their local and national suppliers to provide a direct access to their products as well as to help the under budgeted consumer afford the necessary needs for their families. Throughout the United States, Wal-Mart has went under plenty of reconstruction in order to help the customer feel comfortable shopping while they are looking for their specific needs. Heavy relocation of multiple products helped categorize their services to enhance the consumer from not searching everywhere for certain items. Wal-Mart provides such products as Great Value for the average consumer’s budget. Great Value has over 100 different products located in Wal-Mart stores. 3. Situation Analysis This situation analysis begins with an overlook of Wal-Mart’s current position in the environment by providing a brief SWOT analysis. After this review, the analysis shows the different levels of detail in: industry, competitors, company and consumers. Figure 1. SWOT Analysis for Wal-Mart Internal Factors | Strengths | Weaknesses | Management | Very experienced supervisors with state of the art training provided |
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