Wal Mart And Sainsbury Target Mass Social Target Audience

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The following report takes into account the selection of two integral companies with global operations, Wal-Mart and Sainsbury. These two companies are critically assessed in link to their individual brand positioning strategies. Some strategies overlap each other whereas some are different, so both are discussed in context. The brand positioning strategy has taken into account the individual companies’ marketing objectives, sales pitches, expansive strategies and service competition that are provided nationally and internationally. Wal-Mart has its extensive operations, hence has a more generic service oriented approach where products are sold and retailed in an intelligent global manner. In this context, its international website layout, online presence and promotional campaigns are discussed that hopes to target mass social target audience. On the other hand, Sainsbury deals in the same business of retail and online shopping, but since its operations are more suited and favorable in the United Kingdom, that is why its operations are limited compared to Wal-Mart. Sainsbury deals with niche market segment, which is limited by some geographic and demographic segmentation. Sainsbury’s promotional and marketing campaigns are also less generic, and keep intact its present social and cultural context. Both companies are suggested for service development, market penetration and market developments. Since both companies are rates exceptionally agile, they still compete on the

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