Wal Mart And The United States

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One of the largest retailer in the United States is known to many of us as Wal-Mart; boasting over 3,500 domestic stores in the United States, with continued growth in their numbers…and about 1,300 locations in Canada, Mexico, the UK (only Western), Germany, Asia and South America (Mergent). Many of these stores include Supercenters, Sam’s Clubs, and smaller Neighborhood Market centers. Wal-Mart primary focus is on based on six strategic merchandise units: grocery, entertainment, hardlines, health and wellness, apparel, and items for the home (Mergent). Since the begininning of the company in 1962, Wal-Mart has skillful continued growth and prosperity. With their long standing history of profitability and prominence thoughout North…show more content…
In addition to the supercenters, Wal-Mart has also experienced much success with its Sam’s Club stores. Essentially, it is a wholesale club owned by Wal-Mart that offers a large variety of products under one roof with discounted prices. Based out of industrialized buildings, this leaves room to buy twice as much as a much cheaper price. The products can be purchased in bulk, providing additional discounts on many products and services including gasoline, to its members. In today’s fast paced society, it is not surprising that consumers can appreciate the benefit of one-stop-shopping. At Sam’s Club locations, consumers can even shop online and have their products ready and available for pickup when they arrive. With Wal-Mart’s many locations, the company also builds consumer confidence by accepting returns that have been opened, used, and even over 30 days old. One key to any successful business is meeting the demands of their customers and Wal-Mart’s commitment of offering everything you need at one place for low prices is a large part of what keeps consumers coming back. With Wal-Mart 's international operations currently consist of over 5,000 stores and approximately 780,000 associates in 26 countries outside of the continental United States in places such as Argentina, China, Brazil, Mexico, India, and the United Kingdom (Wal-Mart). Although Wal-Mart operates under different names depending on the location, their commitment to save people money by
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