Wal Mart Integrated Inventory Management Systems

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Wal-Mart currently has one of the most advanced inventory management systems due to their use of RFID tracking capabilities. Every product is equipped with a radio frequency identification tag, which identifies the location and type of product in the warehouse. As the product leaves the warehouses, there are readers in place at the door that automatically recognize which products are leaving and entering the warehouse. The benefit of this is that it limits the use of employees better employed elsewhere and has impeccable accuracy, much more accurate and faster than if employees were to take inventory. The service that our product provides is to take this current technology and to implement it at a grocery stores as well as retail in the long run. This would be a new type of shopping experience where customers would have to register their credit cards at a grocery store of their choice. All products in the store will be marked with RFID tags as the customer leaves the store with their cart, the reader at the door immediately registers what products the customer is leaving with and charges their credit card. In order to register which customer is to be charged for what products our company will implement the use of readers on shopping carts. The customer scans their membership card on the reader to identify the specific customer that is using the cart in question. There will be a display on the cart that sums up your total of items in the cart so the customer can keep track

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