Wal-Mart Internal/External Factors

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Wal-Mart Internal/External Factors Team B MGT/230 February 4, 2013 Penelope Thomas Wal-Mart Internal/External Factors Sam Walton opened the first Wal-Mart store in Arkansas on July 2, 1962, (Carson, 1999-2013). The vision of Sam Walton for his store Wal-Mart was to provide lower prices and to reflect on the values of the community and the customer. Consumers remember Wal-Mart for its motto "customer satisfaction" and “guaranteed lower prices." Wal-Mart offers employee training for everyone in the store from the greeters to the managers to ensure excellent customer skills and to instill Sam Walton's philosophy in the consumers mind. Wal-Mart's growth leads to the company becoming incorporated in 1969 that has led to stores…show more content…
Over the years Wal-Mart has found ways to target their audience through constant changes in technology. They offer access to their store website that allows a consumer to shop 24/7. The company also provides consumers the option for onsite shipping to any store location in which it saves the consumer in shipping costs. The success of Wal-Mart since the first store opened has allowed them to stay ahead of their competition. They are always planning, controlling, leading, and organizing starting at the corporate level and working down to the cashiers. Target is one of their direct competitors but Wal-Mart is still well ahead in the Fortune 500 ranking. Wal-Mart continues to find ways to appeal to their consumer base and that stems from solid management and leadership. They are using their resources and making changes both internally and externally. Ethics When Sam Walton had a vision for a business he wanted his store to be run in such a manner that went by three basic beliefs. Those beliefs were to always strive for excellence, to have respect for any individual, and provide excellent service to the stores customers ("Wal-Mart Statement of Ethics", n.d.). These beliefs were written so employees have the knowledge of what the company expects from them as associates working with the public. Wal-Mart wants their employees to be
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