Wal Mart Is A Competitive Tool For Its Business

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Class: This required a wide range of application because if you focus to much on 3PL then you’ll be limited to what actually accounted for Wal-Mart decision not to pursue 3PL. To address this question properly, put on your logistics and “Supply Chain hat” and come along with me as we zoom through Wal-Mart. Don’t forget to wear your scholarly hat as well. Now, think about your recent visit to Wal-Mart with you girlfriend, wife, daughter, and son. Is either a good/bad feeling? So, let me talk about Wal-Mart.

Wal-Mart is the largest retail company that is growing continuously through the use of knowledge management. This tool is used to restrict the inventory growth by maintaining proper stock position. The knowledge management system in Wal-Mart is known as retail link that is a powerful tool to enhance effectiveness of the organizational strategies (Troy, 2002).
Retail link of Wal-Mart is a competitive tool for its business that contributes in terrific outcomes. With the help of retail link, the suppliers leverage technology of the company to enhance their business credibility. Retail link of the company is beneficial for the internal as well external stakeholders (Troy, 2002). Through this knowledge management tool, the company satisfies unmet needs of the customers. As a part of knowledge management practice, the company has developed a new tool that is business-at-a-glance. Business-at-a-glance helps the company to develop quick fact based decisions for the business…

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