Wal-Mart Is Rated As Largest Of The United States Retail

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Wal-Mart is rated as largest of the United States retail stores and as the world’s biggest retail chain. Sam Walton started this company in 1962 with the three policy goals as service to the customers, personal respect and to strive for excellence. Wal-Mart is globally operating over 4,150 retail facilities currently. Wal-Mart store is the leading retail store (www.walmart.compar. 1) in Canada and Mexico as well as in the United Kingdom. Wal-Mart is number one regarding total sales in the list of Fortune 500 index most powerful and wealthiest world’s corporations. It is ranked the second of the most admired companies in the whole world. Wal-Mart is a general merchandise provider; family apparel, household needs, fabrics, toys,…show more content…
There is an emphasis on familiarity and compliance by all to these ethical codes for those in the management level. A separate code of ethics guides is also available for the senior financial officers. Decisions made in the organizations by either individuals or groups are a result of the company’s culture. Ethical decisions are moral, and the decision makers in the company have to take the right course of action no matter what it costs (Cadbury Schweppes par.1) as this has its advantages such as attracting many customers, employee satisfaction and bringing more investors into the business. Unethical acts, on the other hand, damage the reputation of the firm making it not appealing to the stakeholders. Wal-Mart is the largest employer in the world, and for many years, Wal-Mart has had to get away with many illegal and unethical acts. Ethical dilemma in the company Wal-Mart faces much of negative publicity from the news organizations and the media. There are lies and truths in this business. Employees see this as time passes. The issue of unethical conduct is real here on a daily basis, but the top management always denies it. This case study about Wal-Mart stores concerns an employee, Chalace Epley Lowry who worked there in the department of communications as the administrative assistant and the company’s way of resolving it. When Lowry started her work on the first day, January 2,

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