Wal Mart Is The Largest And Most Innovative Company

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Wal-Mart is the largest and most innovative company in the world, grossing annual revenue of $430 billion dollars and maintains stores internationally. Although it has seen its success in areas of customer service, it currently sees the negative impact that anti-corporation groups and lawsuits can have on profits. Although these problems would amount to a sufficient issue, an even bigger issue facing Wal-Mart today is the consistent approaching threat of competition with fellow rivals such as the stores Kmart, Target, and the practicality of Dollar stores. Everything from wage rates, prices, economy, technology, etc., has been affected by Wal-Mart’s success. Although the threat of competition does not outweigh the overall success that…show more content…
In the 90s Wal-Mart capitalized on products that the American people used on a consistent basis. One specific brand that they utilized was the use of deodorant. An executive decision was reached to end the use of a “paper box” in conjunction with the use of the deodorant due to the fact that it already arrived in a container, and a box would be excessive and an unnecessary expense. This also trickled down into the shipping expense accrued by the wasted fuel to move the cardboard boxes. This shows the environmental impact that Wal-Mart has had on the world, ending what would be huge bouts of deforestation in favor of cardboard production, as well as the impact that it had on the market when Wal-Mart’s competitors also eliminated the use of cardboard in conjunction with they’re deodorant orders. This allowed they’re customers to save over 5 million dollars. This is important because as a staple for American society Wal-Mart will be the epicenter for the cultural experience of a modern day, global, family based business, with core values based on customer satisfaction. If the company changed its beliefs it would not be the corporate giant that it is today. Wal-Mart is not a company that bases its foundation on how much ground it can cover in order to gain control, although it wants to run a market its not making moves on behalf of its own self-interest. That is what the founder Sam Walton wanted to convey, stating that he

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