Wal-Mart Negotiations with Talley

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Communication Problems/issue Identification --------------------------------- 1-2

Analysis Section ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 2-4

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Communication Problem/Issue Identification

Effective communication strategies and a well thought out plan of attack are essential elements to any negotiation. Incorporating these two elements will significantly improve the chances of the negotiation ending in favor of the terms sought. Alas, in this day in age negotiators are finding themselves too busy to devote the necessary time to
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Not only did Sarah help Wal-Mart realize how they can save their customers more money but she also negotiated that her company become a co-managed supplier. Sarah’s negotiation strategy would be defined by Lewicki as integrative negotiation, which contains many concepts such as focusing on commonalities, commitment to meeting the needs of all parties, and exchanging information and ideas (58). Throughout the negotiation both parties knew that they would both benefit by making Frey Farms a co-managed supplier, and so it was done.


In today’s competitive and global economy it is critical to realize the importance of superior negotiation skills. Sarah Talley and Frey Farms showed superior negotiation, acknowledgement and leadership skills to ensure that her company would have a partnership relationship with Wal-Mart. The analysis will explain concepts and theories that Sarah Talley used in order to achieve a successful relationship while dealing with Wal-Marts’ hardball tactics.

Nature and Fundamentals of Negotiations

To best understand what negotiations are, we have to look at what fundamentals negotiations must possess in order to succeed and prosper with relationships that we work on creating. Sarah Talley was able to explain to Wal-Mart

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