Wal-Mart Phenomenon

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The Wal-Mart Phenomenon Michael Hancock SOC200: Introduction to Sociology Gary Mayhew September 18, 2005 The Wal-Mart Phenomenon At Wal-Mart, "everyday low prices" is the motto. This slogan has helped create the largest business in world history with over $245 billion in revenues. It is actually three times the size of the No. 2 retailer in the world, France's Carrefour. Nearly 138 million shoppers visit one of the 4,750 Wal-Mart retail stores in the United States each week. This trade giant has eliminated tens of billions of dollars in cost efficiencies out the retail supply chain, passing the larger part of the savings along to shoppers as bargain prices. As noted in Business Week online (2003), New England Consulting estimates…show more content…
It would also be imperative that the survey be performed on stores at different distances from a Wal-Mart store. This evaluation of survey results could then be compared to determine the real effects of the Wal-Mart phenomenon. The quality of jobs and consumer shopping habits affected by Wal-Mart could be determined by a phone or mail survey. This type of survey is inexpensive and could be used to reach a large number of people, thereby creating accurate results. If the hypothesis is correct, this type of survey could determine that Wal-Mart is reducing the overall earning power of American workers and shaping the shopping habits of the consumer. A collection of data and research of the effects on American business and society by Wal-Mart is truly needed. On the surface it appears that the inexpensive products are a plus to the consumer, but the tactics that the retail giant is using appears to have enduring results for the economy and the society. References Bianco, A. (2003, Oct 6) Is Wal-Mart to Powerful. Retrieved September 18, 2005, from www.businessweek.com Moberg, D. (2004, June 10) The Wal-Mart Effect, the how and why of beating the Bentonville behemoth. Retrieved September 18, 2005, from

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