Wal Mart Stock Analysis Essay

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I. Executive Summary
The purpose of this report is to evaluate the stock price of Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (which ticker symbol in NYSE is WMT) by fundamental analysis. According to this analysis, I recommend that Wal-Mart is worth to invest in the long term because of the potential growth of market shares and revenue. Besides, based on P/E method and Gordon model, WMT price is undervalued; therefore, if investors buy the stock, they will get benefit not only in capital gain but also in dividend cash inflow.

II. Introduction of Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (WMT)
Wal-Mart, founded by Sam Walton in 1962, is the world’s largest retailer and public corporation. It operates over 6,500 stores worldwide, employs 1.9 million associates, and serves more
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Beta is the slope of the characteristic line. As shown in appendix1, we use the monthly historical data from April 2003 to April 2008 to graph SCL. We use S&P 500 as the market because it contains the stocks of 500 Large-Cap corporations and can reflect the market change broadly. As shown in exhibit 1, we can get the SCL: Ri-Rf = - 0.001 + 0.1649(Rm - Rf). So the beta is 0.1649 and the alpha (intercept) is -0.001. From the regression line, we find the R square is only 0.103. It reflects the degree that X variable explains Y variable is 10.3%. That is, Ri-Rf has no close relationship with Rm-Rf. In addition, due to the fact that beta is only 0.1649, it also provides the same result which Ri-Rf and Rm-Rf have no strong positive relationship. It is a good issue to consider why Wal-Mart stock return does not relate with S&P 500 return very well. From exhibit 2, we find the Wal-Mart price did not change very much while S&P 500 price went up. The major reasons may be that S&P 500 includes many high-tech stocks and those stocks performed very well during the period; therefore the volatility is greater than Wal-Mart. Moreover, maybe Wal-Mart has lower weight in S&P 500 so its trend of price change is different from S&P 500. From exhibit2, we also find Wal-Mart had good relationship with S&P 500 before 2004. To examine the situation, we use the data from 1998 to 2003 and find the SCL

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