Wal-Mart: a Human Resources Perspective

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[pic] Table of Contents Research Proposal Memo Introduction of Company Mission and Vision of the company HR Forecasting and Succession Planning Diversity initiatives Training and development Compensation and benefits Corrective action and discipline Turnover issues S.W.O.T Analysis Conclusion/Recommendation To: Professor Steven Cates, GB 520 class, and To Whom It May Concern Date: 3-20-2009 Re: Wal-Mart: Human Resources Project Proposal For this course project I have chosen a company that I am very familiar with and have first hand knowledge of, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. My plans for this project are to first gather information concerning Wal-Mart’s human resource practices, policies, and…show more content…
It all starts with the “availability” of an associate. This is where an associate to write down what hours they are available and which ones they are not. Once this information is placed into the scheduling system, the system will automatically schedule that associate days and times to work within that parameter. By allowing the associate to state this information upfront, they are able to meet the needs of their family, education, or secondary job needs without confusion down the road. Now this is not to say that the associate will get to work a luxury schedule of their choosing, because there are other factors that play a role in the Manpower Forecasting. According to www.walmartstores.com, the main goal of their scheduling/forecasting system is “to ensure that we have the correct number of associates in our stores needed to serve the customers shopping which we believe results in better customer service hour by hour.” In order to accomplish this goal, their new scheduling system which was instituted in January 2006 put in place to create schedules that meet two requirements “they will better match customer traffic demands, and their schedules will be more consistent week to week because we can more accurately forecast customer hour by hour, thus giving our associates predictability to help plan their

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