Wal Mart 's Employee Skills Essay

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Wal-mart was founded by San Walton in 1962 in a town called Rogers, Arkansas. Wal-mart is known as one of the leading global retail store. Their motto is “saving people money so they can live better". Over the course of this Session Long Project I will discuss in great detail the start of Wal-mart and why they have been able to expand so rapidly. I will show the benefits that Wal-mart’s corporation has to offer the efforts and their strategies that made this corporation prosperous. I will address the employee skills and experiences needed for this organization to run smoothly. Lastly I will identify their current recruitment practices and determine whether or not they have been successful.

Main Body
Wal-mart Corporation was started by Sam Walton. Sam worked various jobs to make ends meet while the most influencing was with J.C. Penny. He learned the language, the basics of retail trade and how to provide local store managers the opportunity to having ownership in small portions of profits. Sam was fascinated by retail his knowledge and interests steamed for a few years and in 1962 the first discount store Wal-Mart was opened. (Bounds & Stahl, 1991)
“Wal-mart is a retailer not a manufacturer,” (Reuters, 2009) in the past the vendors for which they purchased merchandise from have had to be reviewed for quality improvement. Wal-mart consists of multiple departments to include Super stores that provide tangible services such as produce and meats. Wal-mart
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