Wal Mart 's Growth Of The United States ' Market Essay

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Wal-Mart 's growth in the United States’ market has sparked increasing debate about the economic impact of its expansion. As a contribution to this debate, Wal-Mart commissioned Global Insight to undertake an independent research effort to analyze this issue. The goal of this research was to independently and credibly document the national- and local-area impacts in terms of jobs, wages, prices and consumer. Wal-Mart is largest retail store in the United States. Even though, Wal-Mart is ranked number one on fortune 500 list. There still is a need for new marketing strategy and ideas to remain at top position as a market leader. The company aim to maintain market position by brainstorming and finding ways to attract potential new customers. Wal-Mart need to target external market and change marketing objectives to attract different market segment. Wal-Mart use comprehensive research and creative strategies to reach thousands of target markets. It measures and interpret data to gain insight of custom behavior and needs. Wal-Mart strive to grow membership based and communicate along with explanation of membership types, benefits and programs. In the past, the company has been associated with middle or low class earners. Affluent customers tend not to shop for produce or meat because of misconception that Wal-Mart products are low quality. Most affluent customers shop at grocery stores or pharmaceuticals. In 2006, the store stocked wide range of

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