Wal Mart 's Organization Structure

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Introduction Wal-Mart was founded in 1962 by Mr. Sam Walton. This is an American multinational retailer corporation that runs department stores and warehouse stores. It is the largest retailer and the largest private employer in the world with over 2 million employees. The company is the 18th largest public corporation in the world, according to the Forbes Global 2000 list, and is the largest public corporation when ranked by revenue. Currently operates in 15 countries and has 8,500 stores under 55 different the company names. Their mantra for success is "selling branded products at low prices with good service to their customers." Wal-Mart Organization Structure For top level, Wal-Mart follows the Divisional Organization Structure and for store level, they use Matrix Organizational Structure. There are 4 key divisions of Wal-Mart. These are, • Wal-Mart Realty • Wal-Mart International • Wal-Mart Specialty Stores • Sam’s Club and Super-Center Each unit is equipped with sufficient resources and autonomy of the individual, and also has its own functional work force. Organizational structure helps companies specialize in certain activities of departments, each of which is capable of meeting their needs. Each unit is adequately resourced and functional autonomy and has its own workforce The detailed structure is given below:- ● Divisional and the Senior Vice presidents seat in the head office generally. ● The other districts which have many stores, each district is run by a

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