“Wal-Mart: the High Cost of Low Pricing”

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The Hague University ‘11 “Wal-Mart: The High cost of Low pricing” Assignment 2 of Business Ethics Weis Karimi 2G 10045627 GBC Claudia Kuo 2G 10081127 Sustainable Business Leonie Sander 2G 10021736 FBC John Berendsen 3B 20062300 GBC 1. a) A company doesn’t only consist of shareholder but also of stakeholders. In Wal-Mart case the four stakeholders in the video are: * Customers * Suppliers * Associates (Employees * Community Customers influence Wal-Mart by buying their products. However, Wal-Mart doesn’t provide arm security on the parking lots which has cause to many incidences such as shooting, raping and kidnapping.…show more content…
* Regarding maxim 2, we can say that the employees in the production facilities are used for their labor and treated as cheap labor for Wal-Mart own ends. Wal-Mart does not see the employees as ‘ends in themselves’. We can say that their basic human dignity was not being fully recognized and respected. * Looking at maxim 3, we can say that probably every rational thinking person would say that working under the conditions as shown in the movie is in fact inhuman and that the asic human dignity was not recognized and respected. We can conclude that proper working conditions is a concept that should be followed by everyone. 3. According to Mona Williams, Wal-Mart’s suppliers have to comply with local country codes of the manufacturing country; this –in other words- means that factory regulations in India is following the working-culture and rules of India, if Wal-Mart has any goods produced there. Also, employees (factory-workers) should receive (relatively) good pay and no child labour is to occur. This is a strong acceptance of capitalism (so the normative theory applied here is the ‘questioning versus accepting capitalism’ theory). Mona Williams implies that workers there should work in an environment, the same as any other factory in that country. This -in the advantage of Wal-Mart- keeps the costs for products low because they “adjust to local standards” and don’t give workers any more than their co-inhabitants with

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