Wal Mart's Cost Of Convenience

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When one considers Wal-Mart, their initial thoughts are usually not very distasteful, and convenience is quick to come to mind. Convenience should be considered a four-letter word for most corporations since the cost of convenience is so much that it does not take a world-class poker player to know the odds of coming out ahead are zilch. In order to make convenience a profitable business, Wal-Mart has to hide the shortcuts behind the façade of convenience. Once we get passed the faced that allows reduced prices, a one stop shop, and price matching, we get to Wal-Mart 's massive file of wrong doings. Wal-Mart imposes severe conditions and bully tactics upon its employees and even its outsourced providers. Throughout the research of this paper it has become obvious that the benefits and money in the pockets of shareholders greatly outweigh the costs of proper security policy guidelines, cost of proper benefits, and the cost of the lives of the Wal-Mart blue vest wearing employees versus corporate Wal-Mart. If Wal-Mart wanted to show appreciation for their customers, then they would re-invest in their employees and the establishment of providing proper safety measures, as well as health insurance that is stable. Instead, Wal-Mart offers laughable settlements to workers in a foreign country that were crushed in a building while showing loyalty to providing their products to their bargain shoppers, or forced customers due to destruction of local competition through price

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