Wal-Mart's Values

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Exploring the World Wide Web -Go to Wal-Mart’s web site www.walmart.com and read the information there about the company’s stance on the ethics of Global Outsourcing and the treatment of workers in countries abroad. Then search the Web for some recent stories about Wal-Mart’s global purchasing practices and reports on the enforcement of its code of conduct. I. “Brief” Summary of the exercise Wal-Mart was founded back in 1962 by Sam Walton who instilled values and the three basic beliefs that remain as the core principles in the company today. These principles are: “Respect for the individual, Service to the customer, and Strive for excellence“ (Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.). One of the main core values that Wal-Mart holds with high…show more content…
The global outsourcing in this predicament, no matter how much it “benefits the shareholders and the customers in the United States” has become harsh reality to the workers in China (Jones, 2008, p. 139). As stated in our textbook, “numerous products sold in U.S. stores have been outsourced to countries that do not have U.S.-style regulations and laws to protect the workers who make the products (Jones, 2008, p. 135) These workers have not been compensated for working overtime, are not allowed to use the bathroom facilities during work hours, and it is very hard to ask off for a sick day (China Labor Watch, 2008). As a result of these bad ethical standards, the “Business and Human Rights” has sent Wal-Mart these allegations and their response was sent back on July 29, 2008 reporting that they “have launched an investigation of the factory to assess the allegations” and stated that they “maintain a very strict code of conduct (Business and Human Rights Resource Center, 2008). Wal-Mart needs to put into consideration that “The result of this unethical behavior could lose: their reputation and resources, shareholders who sell their shares, skilled managers and employees who leave the company and customers who turn to the products of more reputable companies” (Jones, 2008, p. 138). Wal-Mart may hold firm to their core beliefs in order to help communities in need like Guatemala, but we
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