Walberg Homework

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Be that as it may, many still want homework enforced, but why? To know this, the original purpose of homework has to be analyzed. Originally homework was used because it was believed that it could improve the scores of students if they have more practice, but over the years this argument has been disproven. Ponte (2012) wrote that, “ research has supported a correlation between amounts of homework and increased achievement in elementary school,” Over and over the effects of homework on test scores has been researched and proven that there is not a clear correlation. This means that the main reason school boards push for more homework has become invalid. It is well known that American schools have been under severe scrutiny because of the…show more content…
Walberg pushes homework to the point he believes necessary for the academic success of the students. Many want to allow this type of practice by extending the learning past the hours of the school day, and the only evident way of doing that is by giving homework so, if it gives the practice that Walberg thinks the learners need then there is no reason to stop giving it. Marshall (2002) addresses another argument in an article as well, the stress it causes stating that, “Walberg argues that students need stress-management skills, not stress elimination. ‘I think it causes stress when you have to take a test, and you’re ill-prepared for it,’” Marshall wants the students to experience stress caused by school because students need to learn how to control a stressful situation and get their work done. It allows practice for the stress of life outside of school. Marshall wants the children and teens to be completely prepared for what could come up so that instead of having all this stress, they can manage the situation and keep moving forward. Marzano and Pickering (2017) also agree with Marshall, but on different terms stating that, “Teachers should not abandon homework. Instead, they should improve its instructional quality.” (1) Marzano and Pickering understand that the excessive homework assigned now is not needed, but do not think it needs to get removed completely. If teachers create assignments that will develop the minds of the students and give the children support while doing it, then it could be beneficial. So, even though homework could be useful, excessive homework should get removed because it shows there are no proven
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