Waldeinsamkeit: A Film Analysis

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Laughing in my head while smelling a deep red scent. Heavy plump lips saying things you never really meant. I hanyaku across the bathroom tiles. You kick the door down. I’m still jubilated with your smile. Waldeinsamkeit. Infatuated with your komorebi sights. I cannot complain with irides attracted to your brain. Enforce a hurricane and do not make me feel sane. White lies and nightlife. Bombinating city lights. The film of amaranthine phosphene covered the whole grotesque scene. Now, we’re in the taxi and your brother-in-law is crying about the traffic. I look alone at Boston, and you look at me exhausted. I am stripped apart, and even this great Italian meal will not cover the stringy muscles of my heart. Infatuated with your delusional
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