Waldenbooks Case Study Essay

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February 11, 2015
February 11, 2015
MIS 495
Dr. Montague MIS 495
Dr. Montague Waldenbooks warehouse system
Group Leader: Ryan miguel, Matthew Esmaieli, Christopher Jeffrey
Waldenbooks warehouse system
Group Leader: Ryan miguel, Matthew Esmaieli, Christopher Jeffrey

The staff for the warehouse, includes 32 employees in total, with 1 foreman in charge of the 23 employees who are responsible for the loading and unloading operations of the warehouse. The other employees include those in maintenance, sales/purchasing, and bookkeeping. Shipping can take between the hours of 9AM and 5 PM, with 5PM being the shipping cut off time. The receiving hours can take place between 7:30 and 4:00. The foreman assigns employees
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If the answer is no, he checks to see if it is a new distribution book. Once the books are all received, the receiver finishes checking to make sure that they are the correct item on the invoice list, as well as in the proper shape to distribute to the stores in which they are sold at. After the books are checked in they go to a picking bin for the pickers to distribute throughout the warehouse. If needed immediately for an order, pickers will take the book from the bin and move it to the store bin for that particular order. There is also a backorder bin for books that are on a backorder list to be placed once received. The books will be picked until the storage bin becomes full. Books are stored like they are listed on the pick list, which is alphabetical and by a best seller 500 list. In addition to storage bins, store bins, and backorder bins, there is a pallet overflow area for books to be stored when they book bins are full. This is the overflow area for books that can’t fit in the cubes and books can be taken from these areas when space is available.
Some necessary paperwork such as what was picked and what was backordered is important for the foreman to keep track of. This paperwork is taken to a secretary who is told the bins are full and need to be shipped. The pickers take another pick list from the secretary and get back to
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