Walk Through Audit Customer Survey

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MN216 Service Management Shauna Gallagher- 12472702 Walk-Through Audit Customer Survey A Walk-Through audit or WTA involves the selection of a service in which you prepare an audit questionnaire used by management to evaluate the service by investigating the customer’s perception. This W-TA was done in order to establish the service quality of The Pavilion restaurant at Beach Point Club by employing a questionnaire to review the service from the viewpoint of customers, management, and employees. By surveying the management and employees it will show the perception gap between the customers, and the employees and management. I will display the results in the form of graphs and I will present my recommendations highlighting the best way to get rid of these gaps. Beach Point Club Beach Point Club is a membership owned, family-oriented club. It is situated on Long Island Sound in Mamaroneck, NY it has a clubhouse with a first-rate dining program, a full service marina complete with sailing programs, a day camp, a tennis complex, a beach bar & outdoor dining pavilion, swimming pools, cabanas and a beach. The Pavilion is located beside the pool, beach, locker rooms, Parking lot and beach bar and has covered outdoor seating that caters around 200 people and extra seating outside for another 80 people. It is open from 10:30am until 8pm Monday to Friday and it offers a cafeteria style service with a salad bar, grill counter and a sandwich bar. There is a children’s menu and there
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