Essay about Walkers Crisps

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Introduction In this report we will be looking at Walkers smiths’ long standing market leadership in UK’s crisp industry and the reasons behind their successful marketing strategies in recent years especially after their acquisition by PepsiCo; a global food giant. This report should trace walkers’ strategies on corporate and business level by following a world class performance framework by employing world class manufacturing processes and market research and promotional strategies, working at the same time on their core competencies, internal resources and capabilities by scanning, monitoring and assessing various external environmental factors. Also to what extent their manufacturing strategies and response to a fast growing food…show more content…
According to a report, sharing crisps bags have made over £300 m profit after their launch in the next year, while individual crisp packs are directed more towards children, teenagers and young adults. External Drivers Global Economy Figure 3 UK share in European potato crisp industry by value European market and crisps industry In Europe alone Pepsi Co has a staggering 23% market share according to data monitor. UK alone accounts for 26% of the European market value. European Potato chips industry has been expected to accelerate slightly from 2009-2014. Potato chips or crisps prove to be an attractive industry Figure 1 Pie chart showing European market savoury and snacks marketing segmentation UK market- Market size and market share The following data shown in the graph clearly indicates walker’s dominant position in UK crisp market among all its competitors. A staggering 54% share in the market can be seen in 2008. Walkers seem to be the market leader in this low-road value category of crisps retail market in UK over the period of 2006-2008. Among its competitors, only Procter and Gamble and Kettle seem to be in competition with each other. Figure 4 UK crisps’ market showing all the major players The environment Environmental regulatory bodies and regulations: EPA (environmental protection act
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