Walking A To Digital Sobriety

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Walking a Tightrope to Digital Sobriety It is difficult to escape the grasp that social media has on our society. These mythical meeting places have ingrained themselves into all aspects of our daily lives. Personal electronic devices have become digital assistants that reside in our pockets. We keep an entourage of "friends" as our brain trust, always on call, always ready to chime in with their entirely factual and biased based opinions. We confide in these sites and their associated user base with our secrets, and believe all the answers they provide us are true. As users become addicted to oversharing their lives, in the infinite quest for social reciprocity and belonging from their "friends" list. Our children are being raised as…show more content…
Even e-mail is now considered an outdated form of communication. For many, myself included, it has become easier to wrap a conversation by saying, "Look me up on Facebook." Director of the MIT Initiative on Technology and Self, Sherry Turkle offers the following, "The new technologies allow us to 'dial down ' human contact, to titrate its nature and extent" (Turkle 237). Now, allow me to clarify. I do not have, nor have I ever had a Facebook account, but you will not know that until you search for me. As a contributor for The New York Times, Alice Mathias indicates, "Facebook purports to be a place for human connectivity, but it 's made us more wary of human confrontation" (Matias 230). Ms. Mathias captures the very essence of my actions. And the reason why I choose to avoid conflict and appear cordial when catching up with you. If we were being honest with each other, we would have acknowledged that neither of us have any intention of interacting again. Many people similar to myself, socially awkward and insecure, have also adapted to use these services as a social buffer. I can ask you to connect with me without actually granting you access to me. Your request to "friend me" could potentially remain in my inbox forever. And if we should ever bump into each other again, I might conveniently tell you how it must not have come through to my inbox. For me personally, I will never have to worry about any of it, something I am truly thankful for. If I had
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