Walking And The Suburbanized Psyche By Rebecca Solnit

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In the anecdote, “Walking and the Suburbanized Psyche”, by Rebecca Solnit, she implies, if walking continues to devalue, our society 's relationship between body, world, and imagination will be lost. I personally do not find walking to be a cultural activity or pleasure of getting around. Instead, walking is a hassle when the “American suburbs are built with a diffuseness that the unenhanced human body is inadequate to cope with”. Furthermore, instead of making us feel guilty or attempting to persuade us to travel on foot; we should acknowledge that we now perceive: value, time, space and our own bodies in a drastically different way than older times. I utterly disagree with Solnit’s ideology, “Otherwise the individual 's imagination will be bulldozed over to the chain store outlets of consumers ' appetite, true crime, titillation, and celebrity crisis”. The one way I 'd relish taking a walk would be with pleasant company. If you 're hand in hand with your partner appreciating the scenery together that changes the ambiance of the walk. Yet what changes actual the mood of it is the person you 're with and not the actual walk because you can be doing anything else but instead you 're with pleasant company therefore it doesn 't matter what you 're doing. Likewise, when people voice they will only be pleased when they reach a certain point in their life; what if you never get to that point? Does that mean you 'll never be satisfied? Solnit classifies walking the same
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