Essay Walking Dead and Game of Thrones

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The two TV shows which I have chosen for this topic are The Walking dead and Game of thrones.
The Walking Dead:
The main protagonist in the film is the deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes who has been shot and when he wakes up he finds himself in a post apocalyptic world in which zombies are everywhere. He gets out on a search for his wife and son and reunites with them later. He finds out that there are many survivors just like him who must fight each other and the zombies in order to survive.
It is a TV series and most of the locations shows in this series are out in the environment and everything looks like a ruin. The roads have cracks in them and there are abandoned places. The survivors take refuge in a camp outside the city. There are
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The walking dead show that the survivors live in camps and have minimum necessities of life. The portrayal that they live in camps is effective in revealing their socio-economic status. The walking dead is about survival and hence, socio economic status is not one of the dominant themes here.
Most of the characters in the TV show, The walking dead, are white and they speak with each other in a way which is not unusual or out of norms. There is a completion within survivors to dominate each other and be the head of the group. In the show, they even show that there is a dispute between the main protagonist and his son when the son tells his father that he is not man enough to become the leader of the group (BERRY, 2013). Also, there have been allegations on the show that it is racist but the show producers have denied any such claim. The Asian-American and black cast have been given roles which are either too little or are killed off (BERRY, 2013). The claims that the show is racist have even been condemned by the Danai Gurira who says that her show is not racist (Leon, 2013). Issues of gender have also been raised by the critics and the viewers who claim that women are given minor roles and their influence on men is not a strong one (BERRY, 2013). The show is not realistic at all as it portrays zombies and an apocalyptic world. The show has several characters which are likeable and several of them who are not likeable. The actors who play zombies
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