Walking Through The Doors Of The Huge World Trade Center North Tower

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While walking through the doors of the huge World Trade Center North Tower, I get an excited and nervous feeling in my stomach. When I reach the elevator, I almost turn back. I feel like something isn’t right, but I brush it off because it is just my feelings getting to my head. I step inside the empty elevator and push the 91st floor button. As the doors close, I think of how exciting this is going to be. Artists like me are going to be working and living on the 91st and 92nd floors which are the Arts and Culture floors. The ding of the elevator brought me back to reality. I is not for my floor though; it is a guy with a big computer cart that walks into the elevator. I have to jump to the wall of the elevator so the guy can 't hit me…show more content…
I hear Metallica blaring from my dorm. I knock on the door because the knob is locked. No one answers after a few moments so I try knocking louder.The music is turned down and I heard footsteps coming towards the door. The door opens and I see this girl who looks about my age. She is wearing clay-covered overalls and a retro-looking 7-UP t-shirt. I let out a breath of relief that I am not the only female sculptor in the dorm. “I’m Katherine Kohl”, the girl says, “but my friends call me Kath or KK. You can also, if you want to” I reply: “I’m Becca C, but my friends call me Becca or Becca, you can choose”. Kath’s laugh is a strong and full one that will get everyone in the room laughing. Kath turns around and walks down the hall. To my right, I see four hooks, one of them has a lanyard on it with my name on a sticker over the hook along with Kath’s and my other roommate’s names. I grab the lanyard and put it around my neck. I look at my ID more closely and I find out that they have used my driver’s license picture instead of the picture that they took of me when I registered. When I walk into the room at the end of the hall, I see that it is a big studio with high ceilings, hardwood flooring, and full length windows that make up the biggest wall. To my right, there is a kitchen and dining area. To my left, there are four doors and a living room. There are two bedrooms, one for Kath and I, the other my other roommates. The next room over is the
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