Walking in My Shoes

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A Walk in My Shoes

Shantrese Molette

PSY 202 Adult Development and Life Assessment

Prof. Linda Beckham

February 27, 2012

Outline I. Where are you from? a. Maplesville, AL b. Selma, AL II. What was your family like? a. Parents abusive relationship b. Brother and I c. Large extended family III. What are your greatest achievements? a. Military Service b. Parenthood c. Continuing Education IV. What are your personal, professional, and academic goals? a. Raise my children to be great productive Christian men in society b. Give back to my community c. To become a Child Psychologist d. To complete my education with
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No one pointed me out for the differences because I wasn’t different any more. No one treated me like an outsider. They treated me like I was family. I felt like I was home. In chapter three it states that “friendships are important for good mental health, providing us with affection, support, self-esteem, and an outlet for stress, “(Witt, 2010) I quickly made friends in Selma which gave me those things. I also started taken dance class at Selma Youth Development Center, African dance where I developed more great friendships. In particular there were two females that I bonded with and if you saw one of us you saw all of us. It felt good to feel like I belonged and I did belong. I even got my first boyfriend. In Maplesville I could not even think about dating a boy there because we were all related, but not now. Not in Selma. High school came and went. The years passed by so fast. Maybe because I was enjoying life so much that I didn’t realize the time was swiftly moving forward. It’s funny how life can pass so fast at time and so slow during other times. That’s how I felt about my family. My family was made up of my dad, mom, and brother. The extended family was large two grandmothers, one great-grandmother, one grandfather, one great-grandfather, eight aunts, nine uncles, and countless cousins. My parents were married a year after my brother

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