Walking in the Trails of God's World

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Most concepts, ideas and statements are so simple that children often find it easier to understand than most adults and most believe this was by design than happenstance. To prove this you can randomly open your bible, begin reading a single or multiple verses and generally find the thoughts of God intriguing no matter how uneducated you are. This simplicity allows almost everyone who reads the bible to conclude that Jesus Christ was born from a virgin, taught and preached throughout Judea, was crucified, raised from the dead on the 3rd day and ascended back into heaven. This to most is the broad goal or scope of the Gospels. To spread the message of hope through Jesus Christ throughout the four-corners of the world. However, like the pilot who rarely touches the ground and only sees the forest from above, the beauty of the landscape and the attention to detail only appear when one descends onto the forest floor and begins walking through the various open trails of God’s Word. Let’s begin by starting our walk from the parking lot of the New Testament. As we walk across the asphalt we start to see the various trails leading through the main encampment area known as the Gospels of Jesus Christ. If you stop and take a moment to look around you will notice the plaques and pictures of God’s family…
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