Wall-E Critical Analysis

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Wall-E and An Over Reliance on Technology
In the animated film Wall-E, a robot named Wall-E, designed to clean up Earth after humans covered it in trash, stows away aboard the Axiom, a spaceship that departed Earth 700 years prior to the start of the film. Once aboard the Axiom, Wall-E must convince the humans that the Earth can now sustain and provide habitable conditions for human life once again. A large audience of all ages enjoyed this animated film because of its lovable and fun characters, engaging story, and interesting setting. Even though many families love Wall-E, the movie gives social commentary on several issues, including the over reliance on technology, the consumerist nature of modern societies, and the fear of ever-evolving machines.
In the opening of the movie, Wall-E watched VHS tapes and played video games made in the 1970’s, and because of this, he learned how humans behaved and what they liked before they left on the Axiom. He watched people in movies, singing and dancing and having an overall fun time. Because of these things that Wall-E experienced, he thought of humans as active, happy, and social people; however, when Wall-E arrived aboard the Axiom, his perception of humanity changed. People sat in recliners floating a foot off the ground. Each chair had a personal computer and monitor attached to it, allowing the operator to move, talk, and do almost anything, all while barely moving a muscle. Most people shown in the movie did not know how to
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