Wall E Environmental Analysis

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WALL-E and the Overconsumption that Harm’s Earth (Stanton) Wall-E is a Disney Pixar movie that deals with overconsumption, obesity and the result of humans not managing waste properly. The heart of the story focuses on Wall-E and Eve that aid humans whom have trashed the planet and left the earth until the planet is habitable again (Stanton). The United States and other parts of the world have a consumption problem. The obesity in the film reflects the lack of empathy for the planet and ourselves as a society. At the very core of Wall-E is a warning to correct the destructive consumer culture that contributes to global warming, loss of land and loss of resources. The human species only has one earth and with good conservation, waste management practices, humans can help create cultures that are sustainable for ourselves and future generations. There is an important message in Wall-E by showing how society consumes and disposes with disregard for the source of the product. There is also irony, in my opinion, in the fact that a Blu-Ray of the movie or any of the merchandising may end up in a landfill. In Resources, Conservation and Recycling a team took on a low-cost way to get people to recycle more and try to increase the “34.3% or 87 million tons of waste recycled by the U.S.A” with smart recycling bins that had mixed results (Mozo-Reyes, Jambeck and Reeves 72). Reducing what goes in the landfill helps. The story of Wall-E and EVE is an animation that focuses on humans

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