Wall Steet Movie Review

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The definition of business ethics is described as a company’s attitude and conduct towards its stakeholders – employees, customers, stockholders, and so forth; ethical behavior requires fair and honest treatment of all parties. The word ethics is defined as “standards of conduct or moral behavior.” The movie Wall Street, was the exact opposite of these definitions. The movie shows examples of hostile takeovers, insider trading, greed and unethical behaviors in the attempt to build fortune on the all mighty dollar. The movie focuses on the stock market and the way inside information is used to make decisions to build cash and profits at the costs of others. It portrays the decisions one may make when faced with the temptation of green…show more content…
The movie is based off the uncertainties of the stock market. People are investing money in hopes of turning profits but just as it is uncertain losses are also realized. But the more risk you are willing to take, the higher the reward or pay out can be in the end. This does not only apply to money but to your actions. In the movie Buddy Fox and Gordon Gekko were willing to risk fines and jail time in order to gain information to make their returns on investment close to certain. This movie also taught the lesson that you should always know what you are doing with your money and if you do your research and homework, you will know what you’re investing in and it can bring higher success. You should never jump into an investment without knowing what you’re actually getting into. You should know what you’re investing, the beta tied to the investment and the reward you are looking to gain. Researching and finding these answers can definitely lead to smarter investments. Jumping into investments blind and uneducated can lead to loses in money. Wall Street had a high focus on stocks and bonds. It had some obvious correlations to business finance as well as subtle lessons. These lessons was a great way to take the words of the text book, Essentials of Managerial Finance and put them in front of your eyes to see exactly how these aspects in the book can be applied to reality. This was my first time watching this movie and the

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