Wall Street Journal: Analysis of Angel's Investment Plan

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Introduction In this text, I analyze Angel's situation in regard to access to the relevant investment/financial information necessary for him to manage the portfolio of stocks left behind by Marie's uncle. Marie is Angel's wife. The need for an experienced stockbroker and the role such a stockbroker could play in this scenario will also be analyzed. Discussion The relevance of the Wall Street Journal cannot be overstated given Angel's desire to manage his own portfolio. The Wall Street Journal offers a rather comprehensive coverage of both the economy and business via some of its main sections including Money and Investing as well as Marketplace. The Wall Street Journal will come in handy should Angel need to check the performance of stocks in his portfolio. In this regard, all Angel has to do from time to time is to find a given stock's symbol. From here, he can then be able to determine the stock's opening price for the day, the volume of trading, the PE ratio etc. Yet another invaluable source of financial/economic information I would recommend to Angel is the Yahoo Finance website. Angel can also make use of Standard & Poor's (S&P) by subscribing to Outlook. According to S&P (2012), "the Outlook is a subscription-only online and print research service for individual investors that features proprietary strategies and online updates from Standard and Poor's." Angel can also subscribe to the annual issue of Mergent's Handbook of Dividend Achievers. This handbook

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