Wall Street Journal Portfolio Project

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Wall Street Journal Portfolio Project

In order to succeed in any business, it is extremely important to understand the stock market. In this assignment we were asked to follow the stock market continuously for four months and understand the market. The stock market is a global marketplace, where goods and services are traded in the form of equities.
The stock market prices and value vary day to day as a result of market forces. This means that stocks and shares prices change as result of supply and demand of goods and services. The stock market influences the financial decision making of companies. Therefore, it is important to follow said shares as well as others that might affect stocks of interest. Price vary accordingly with demand and supply, that is, if there is a higher demand then prices increases, whereas, if supply is higher than demand, stock prices decreases.
The global marketplace could be considered a serious game, where everybody is taking risks and chances based on different perspectives and using a variety of strategies based on data. Throughout the semester, I was able to be part of it and invested mostly in technology. I was able to analyze how the prices fell and were raised as well. I was able to understand better how many factors affect the market and the companies where I invested or bought stocks from would generate an overall gain or loss. Also, other than catching the actual supply and demand it is critical to understand the reasons of said

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