Wall Street : The Great And Powerful Financial District Of The World

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Wall Street is the great and powerful financial district of the world. With that statement being true Wall Street isn’t perfect. Wall Street has faced many problems throughout its existence as recessions and depressions came into play and single handedly pushed America into a financial crisis. As early as 1929 till as recent as 2008 recessions still occur and throughout the existence of Wall Street they will never stop existing. The argument of whether or not a recession could be predicted is a topic that many have different views on, some say yes and some no, this argument will never simply go away as recession will still occur in the future. It is just a matter of opinion. Although Wall Street has been known as something great and something this country relies on and takes great pride in, Wall Street isn’t actually an unstoppable force. When a recession occurs many people fail to realize that there are causes of a recession and as much as they would like to admit that they aren’t part of that cause, they actually are. There are many causes of a recession or depression ranging from horrible investments from big corporations to uncontrollable spending from each individual. While corporations and banks play essential roles in causing recessions and depressions, individual’s economic behaviors also cause recessions and depressions to deepen and lengthen. When discussing the difference about a recession and a depression many people tend to think that both terms mean the same
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