Walmart 32Nd St. Has Two Primary Warehouses Located In

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Walmart 32nd St. has two primary warehouses located in Arizona, Buckey and Casa Grande. The store receives from 1 to 2 trucks per day with products ready to be out for sell, and 1 truck with products that are placed in the store’s warehouse. Walmart 32nd St. does not have any other type of inbound logistics because the store does not make any products, the store receives all products ready for sale. The store outbound logistics is basically the waste that the store produces, rarely the store sends out to others Walmart the inventory that has not been selling in Walmart 32nd St. and is selling good in other Walmart locations. Value adding activities - Inbound logistics, activities related to receive goods from the warehouse - Operations…show more content…
Associates performance measurement at Walmart 32nd St. is one time per year, and it is based on; integrity, strive for excellence, customer service, and respect for individuals. Walmart focuses its productivity on three important strategies, these measures will contribute to the store productivity and the company operations strategy performance. - OSCA (On Shelve Customer Availability) this program tracks sales per department, worst sales products, most sales products, daily average sales, and many others. - CFF (Clean Fast and Friendly) - Customer score cards with an overage of 96% of above. The following measures are recommended to improve Walmart’s 32nd St. productivity; the number of transactions units sold during the busiest and slowest time of the day, the number of employees, cost of labor and capital invested in order to formulate solutions to increase productivity and reduce costs. Further Research Additional research is recommend for Walmart 32nd St. to improve strategic operations and supply chain management. Research for the number of winter visitors every year located in the foothills area, this will help to better forecast the store sales. Research and analyze past data of common products sold during every season, this will help the store to be prepare and increase the inventory of those products to prevent out of stock products. In addition, research to reduce non value activities and increase value activities, this will help

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