Walmart 4ps

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In Class Assignment 1 Walmart 4 P’s Critical Analysis Product Walmart provides a retail service to its customers that offers a wide range of products. The customer wants a convenient shopping experience matched with a low price. Walmart offers almost everything you may need in day to day life. They offer groceries, cosmetics, items for the home, gardening, tools, electronics and many more. The customer who goes to Walmart is looking for a one stop shop for all of their needs. The customer will drive to their local Walmart and hopefully have an easy shopping experience. They may go to pick up one item of go in and fulfill all of their needs. Walmart has large box stores that in almost all major cities and surrounding areas.…show more content…
With the use of everyday low prices Walmart successfully gains large populations in its markets that are looking to save money. It is with this strategy that they sell large amounts of product with a low profit margin on each product. Pricing is Walmart’s main selling point to its consumers. Place Buyers look for Walmart products at local Walmart stores which are conveniently located almost everywhere. Consumers also look for products in flyers and online. The online aspect of Walmart sales is becoming increasingly important. The stores are large box stores which have everything under one roof. Walmart also has an online store which has an even larger selection of products that can be shipped to you or your local Walmart. You can access Walmart easily and with confidence. Walmart competitors are doing roughly the same thing but Walmart has a stronger focus on price. Walmart has a very intensive strategy where they offer a wide range of products. All Walmart stores are meant to be operated in the same way. Walmart is always expanding and looking to open new stores in new markets. Walmart location’s have the main advantage of being convenient Promotion Walmart uses many different techniques to promote their product. Walmart utilizes sales promotions, local and nation wide advertisements, personal selling and relations with the public. The company uses many different channels to advertise, they have ads
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