Walmart : A Branch Of Walmart

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The company I researched is a branch of Walmart, one of the largest discount retail companies in the world. The company is comprised of small store chains and was founded back in 1962 by Samuel Walton. Walmart sells practically everything at very low price and it’s one of the largest employers in the United States. Walmart is available in over 11,488 locations with its headquarters being Bentonville, Arkansas United States. The current chairman of Walmart is Gregory B. Penner and the CEO is Doug McMillon who succeeded Mike duke in 2014. Doug McMillon is also the president but it’s owned by Walton Family. Other presidents and include David Cheesewright CEO Walmart international, Neil. M. Ashe CEO global ecommerce and Rosalinda G. Brewer CEO Sam’s club. Walmart deals with a wide variety of goods and services of these include discount store, supercenter, ecommerce, Supermarket, warehouse club, cash and carry, Superstore and apparel and footwear (Walmart, 2015) The current Walmart workforce is 2.2 million employees worldwide its employees are one of the best paid employees starting at $9 per hour with an average pay per hour being $13. The employees are also given a chance to advance and get more job satisfaction. Walmart has been divided to Walmart Canada plus it has other subsidiaries in Mexico, Canada, Africa, South America and United Kingdom. In total Walmart have over 11,000 stores in over 28 countries and 11 countries who have the online platform. Walmart in a weekly
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