Walmart : A Financial Organization That Varies With Over 500 Companies

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To pick a financial organization that varies with over 500 companies was hard to decide which one I’m going to research. With the dominance of the top financial, the ideal company was Walmart. Walmart has a very interesting story behind the great success. The upbringing of the current top company was a tremendous struggle to the top of the food chain. The founder had a rough time with the lack of investors interested at the time of his ambitious ideas to slice prices of products to gain profit method. The original founder of Walmart name is Sam Walton. Better known as Mr. Sam was born in 1918 in Kingfisher, Oklahoma. Growing up on a farm with his family, he didn’t live the luxurious lifestyle. He attended David H. Hickman high school.…show more content…
Mr. Sam gains a lot of experience of retail profession. His method of thinking was to exercise leadership through service. Eventually, He pursued to operate his own discount store. Mr. and Mrs. Walton decided to relocate in Bentonville AK, because Mrs. Walton wanted to live the small town lifestyle, also Mr. Walton want to take advantage of the four hunting seasons. With little investment, He started with a 20,000 dollar loan, and 5,000 personal dollars to fire off his business aspirations. Mr. Sam opened on his first store named Walter 5&10. With the outstanding results of his store, he decided to start organizing a more effective project. In 1962, Mr. Sam opened up Walmart in Rogers, Arkansas. Mr. Sam used the method of Risk and Reward to elevate his impression of his business. Looking for help with the merchandise, Mr. Sam went to the Ben Franklin’s office in Chicago. He met with Done Sodequst, whom was the chairman & chief officer. He explained how he was planning to put his discount stores near the rural community. ("History of Walmart," n.d.) He believed that it was a lot of business in that location. He continued to try to convince the people at the Ben Franklin Office to sell him the merchandise at a lower price and work with him as in an investment to elevate his financial strategy. The next morning, the Ben Franklin Office told Mr. Sam that they would not comprehend with his idea. They decided to continue with same prices as the once agreed on.
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