Walmart : A Great Man By The Name Of Samuel Walton Essay

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Walmart was started by a great man by the name of Samuel Walton. Samuel was born right here in Oklahoma, in a little town called Kingfisher. He then enlisted to join the armed forces when he was 24 years old. A year later, when Sam was 25, he married his wife, Helen Robson. After moving around the nation and gaining life experience, Sam and Helen opened “Walton’s 5&10” in a small town named Bentonville Arkansas. Sam took all the knowledge and success he had acquired, and he crafted a dream and a plan. A dream that was criticized by competitors. His plan: to offer low prices and great service. He was told it would never work, but in 1962 he opened the first Walmart in Rogers, Arkansas. When the company went public, in 1970, the business grew and expanded. The Walmart associates were Sam’s secret recipe. They offered great service and kept customers coming back. This is the life blood of any business; Walmart being no different. They used a great environment to keep the customer loyalty. This system exceeded Sam and Helen’s expectations greatly. As the popularity and business grew; Sam’s dream and expectations grew with it. As Walton’s business grew, Sam began to implement new plans and systems that further revolutionized the industry. Sam began to use totally different approaches then people had seen, as well as using technologies that had not been thought of or implemented. He then pioneered a brand new store: the super center. This was widely successful and again blew
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