Walmart : An American Multinational Retail Corporation Essay

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Walmart is an American multinational retail corporation that sells anything from cleaning supplies to dinner. The variety of merchandise in the store is never ending, where many different brands compete to sell the number one product. The first ever Walmart was created in Rogers, Arkansas in 1962 by Sam Walton. Sam wanted to create a store that was affordable for everyone and created the company’s official purpose of, “If we work together, we 'll lower the cost of living for everyone...we 'll give the world an opportunity to see what it 's like to save and have a better life.” Sam Walton died in 1992, but the brand that he created still exists today in very high numbers in reference to the amount of stores world-wide. The corporate structure of Walmart could related to that of a Hierarchal Functional Organization where orders are passed down in a vertical line of command. Other than the CEO, every Walmart employee has a superior to look up to and to also be graded on their performance by that superior. Top managers pass down directives and mandates to middle managers so that store employees can be directed in how the store should operate. This is how top managers communicate with in-store employees. The Departmentalization of Walmart is broken down into four main departments: stores and clubs, Healthcare, Transportation and Logistics, and Corporate. Store and clubs focus on selling retail products and providing customers the best service. Employees from this department
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