Walmart : An Organization's Internal And External Environment

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Companies must be able to provide environmental scanning. It is the monitoring of an organization 's internal and external environment. It helps to detect early signs of opportunities and threats that may influence its current and future plans. Some strengths Walmart has internally is its cost leadership and variety. However some internal weaknesses are the current labor related lawsuits, which lead to high employee turnover. This also creates negative publicity. Within the store these is sometimes little product differentiation making it difficult for customer to get exactly what they desire. Some opportunities available for Walmart externally are the rising acceptance of private label, trend of healthy eating, and increase in online shopping. Walmart is currently working on growing on the opportunities though their strategic management. Threats that are external to the company are the increasing competition and resistance from local communities. Walmart is working on defeating these threats though their competitive advantages and the increase in Neighborhood Walmart. Social responsibility is very important for companies. Companies should not be solely focused on maximizing profits. They should develop the business with a positive relationship to the society in which they operate. Organizations must behave ethically toward social, cultural, economic, and environmental issues. Walmart has succeeded with social responsibility. The company goes beyond compliance to make a

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