Walmart And Its Effects On Children

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Have you ever wonder how toys were characterized in department stores? When you think of a toy store, you think about Toys “R” Us, Books-A-Million, Full Moon Games or Five and Below. I never went to a store to figure out the true meaning on what toys truly belongs to a gender. Toys generally became gendered when they’re broadcasted on television. For this particular project, I choose to go to Walmart. Walmart has a variety of everything.Walmart has four aisles with just toys. In class we had a discussion on how did television affect children. As a child, I asked for toys that were most popular. After visiting the store and actually paying attention to how toys are broadcasted by the gender I noticed that most of the toys were represented …show more content…

Now my cousin is confused with his sexuality. Starting at a young age could affect you as an individual. Walking down the aisles of toys I noticed that the boys and girls were separated and then there was an aisle with neutral toys. When I looked down one aisle is was bright pink and a shadow of purple, rather in the other aisle I noticed there were blue, red and black toys. Down the girls aisle there were mostly dolls and the boys had wrestlers and trucks. Reasons for me classifying the pink toys for the girls and blue toys were for boys is because I was brought up to think pink was for girls and blue was for boys. Not only by learning from my parents, but from television. Generally when I go shopping for a 6 year old birthday party I’m going to buy something that has to do with their passion of a television show on Disney or Nickelodeon. For an example, my niece is in love with Minnie Mouse. I would go to the girls section and get her a toy associated with Minnie Mouse. In the boys aisle, there were cars and action figures. The cars were mostly blue, black or red. They looked flashy as if that 's what guys are supposed to drive in to look cool. I’m referring to the title of cars being called “Hot Wheels”. I grew up with a brother and he is fascinated in cars and wrestlers. He thought that he was suppose look as strong as John Cena. Boys think they should be strong, hard working, and active because they’re a man. My brother

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