Walmart As A Corporate Entity

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To say that Walmart influences buying habits of consumers worldwide would be an understatement. According to, as of October 2014, Walmart Corporation has 4,987 retail units in the United States alone. These nearly 5,000 stores employ approximately 1.3 million people. ("Walmart Locations Around the World - United States.") You may be asking how all of this fits into sociology. The answer is, simply, function. Walmart as a corporate entity serves a purpose in society, thus fitting into the functionalist perspective of sociology. Let us first explore the functions that Walmart serves for society. First and most obvious, Walmart provides millions of people with the goods and services they require to carry on their day to day lives. When most people think of Walmart they think of a simple grocery story, but Walmart is so much more than that. At many Walmart stores, there are bank branches, small doctors’ offices, hairdressers, pharmacies, and various other business. Walmart brings together all these services and gives them a home all under one roof. Perhaps a broader view of Walmart’s function for society the amount of jobs the company creates. Everyone indirectly needs money to survive, everyone works to earn money, and Walmart provides jobs to 1.3 million people in the United States alone. ("Walmart Locations Around the World - United States.") With a nearly 478 billion dollar revenue in 2013, one could say that Walmart Corporation is a major driving force in
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