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Walmart as Rational Organization: The first article that I read was entitled, “Walmart’s entire business model is crumbling” by Lutz. This article is about how Walmart is doing as a business which isn’t that good. The reason behind this is that people have turned to Walmart competitors to do their shopping. The article goes on to talk about Walmart shift in focus to e-commerce and Walmart’s raise in minimum wage to nine dollars. They hope that these steps will help increase profit. The second article that I read was entitled, “How Wal-Mart plans to lure shoppers back to stores” by Hayley Peterson. Its no surprise that over the last couple of years Walmart business has declined and some store front have even failed. For many Walmart is no longer their primary grocery store instead they are going to other stores. (ex. Trader Joes, Publix) The article by Peterson, describes how Walmart plans to increase sales and “store traffic” by describing their three goals for this year. The first goal is to, “Improve the Customer experience” they plan on doing this by improving customer service within the store (faster checkout lines, store fully stocked). The second goal is “beat competitors on price” Walmart is known for its low prices and competing with other stores. They have introduced an app that allows you to scan your receipt after shopping at Walmart. The app then checks surrounding stores to see if any stores had a lower price on any of the items that you purchased. If a…

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