Walmart/Bharti Joint Venture

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Williams, Ryan Challenged Exam Part 1 Walmart-Bharti Case Walmart-Bharti Case (1A) it’s quite simple how Wal-Mart became a world leader in supply chain management. Wal-Mart’s main focus was to develop cost structures that would allow them to provide low costs friendly everyday prices for all of its customers. They accomplished this by eventually cutting off all middle man distributors. Although this is what ultimately Wal-Mart above the rest of the competition it didn’t work right away in Wal-Mart’s earlier years. Just like any large or small business Wal-Mart went through both its share of trials and tribulations. When Wal-Mart first developed the RFID technology, the company began to greater strides towards become a world…show more content…
The retail industry India is so pivotal that it accounts up to 14% of the country’s national gross domestic product and provides jobs for nearly 10% of the entire country and is expected to rise at prompt rates. Before the rapid rate in India’s population there were plenty of competition within the Indian retail sector, but not between major licensed retail corporations but amongst small mom and pop stores, mobile carts and pavement vendors which are known as the unorganized retail sector, which in earlier yeas accounted for nearly 98% of the country’s retail market. With India’s population 1billion plan and the GDP growth estimate at 7.5% in upcoming years all sorts of different opportunity for all mass merchants and food retailers to expand their businesses locally and nationally were up for grasp. It was apparent the Indian retail sector was on its way to becoming worth billions of dollars, so the country saw many different companies beginning to funnel into the retail sector with hopes of taking advantage of all the positive changes in the region. As more and more business began entering the market the more competition presented itself. The shift from the unorganized retail sector to the more organized retail sector that people in the more developed country such as the United States are used to be being pushed by significant shifts in the Indian population and

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