Walmart Business Model Canvas Project

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Introduction We chose Walmart as the company to focus on for our business model canvas project. Considering that Walmart is the world’s largest retailer, as well as largest private employer, there is a plethora of information on this mammoth company. Sam Walton, Walmart’s founder, had a simple and noble vision for his stores; he said, “[We wanted to] reduce the cost of living for the people who shopped in our stores” (Soderquist, 2016). To this end, he created the big box retail format that we see in Walmart and other stores today. He envisioned a place where consumers could do their all their shopping under one roof and benefit from the discount pricing made possible by buying in bulk. His vision has given the world Walmart and Sam’s Club stores, as well as defining the big box business model that many others have copied. Value Propositions For the Value Propositions section of the Walmart Business Model Canvas we found that the following points to be relevant: 1) Walmart strives to bring good value to its customers under one roof. They provide a wide variety of goods and brands at competitive prices. 2) In a typical Walmart store one can get a prescription filled, get their car serviced, buy school supplies, garden supplies, clothes, electronics, etc., and even do their grocery shopping. 3) Walmart offers price matching against local competitors and select online retailers. 4) Walmart accepts a variety of coupons, from print at home Internet coupons and

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