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Walmart in India1: In 2010, Walmart planned to emerge as the biggest retailer in India by 2015. Walmart named the business plan in India “Jai Ho”, a Hindi phrase that means "let there be victory." By the end of 2012, the company opened only 5 stores, well below the planned number of 22. The media coverage of the expansion plan of Walmart in the India has focused mainly on the negative impact of the entry of such a retail giant on the small retail businesses. The retail business in India contributes to around 14 to 15 percent of the Indian GDP. A major portion of the Indian retail shopping takes place in small groceries and retail shops in open markets. In most of the cases, the seller is the owner. Continuous price bargaining is an…show more content…
According to latest MSCI Emerging Market Index, there are 24 emerging market in the world, including China, India, Brazil, Russia and South Africa – also called the BRICS countries. According to the World Bank, in 2013, the total GDP of BRICS countries was $15.8 trillion, putting the BRICS in the third place after EU ($17.3 trillion) and US ($16.8 trillion). Therefore, without going into the detail GDP of other developed and emerging economies, it can be inferred that the importance of emerging countries in the global economy has been increasing over time. In view of the increased significance of these economies, the current study is expected to provide some additional light in the area of the legitimacy of multinational companies in emerging economies. 5. Theoretical Development (if a deductive theory testing study) (3) a. Theoretical framework Since managerial ties are distinct and inimitable, they can give firms substantial competitive advantages (Tsang, 1998). Though it is a necessary condition, it is not sufficient for an increasing market-driven economy (Tsang, 1998). Other factors of business growth, such as, pricing strategies, marketing, and quality of product and services also play a significant role in determining firm performance (Barney, 1991). In the social capital context, the nature of managerial social network can provide information and resources. The concept of social
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